USTA Junior Team Tennis

Register A Player  - A Team ID Number and USTA Account Number is required for registration, if you need to obtain one of these please contact the league coordinator at ustajaxjtt@gmail.com.


Anyone can create a USTA Junior Team Tennis Team!

Ashley Miller of 904 Tennis is the new USTA Junior Team Tennis Coordinator for Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.  We offer leagues in the 10-and-under, 12-and-under, 14-and-under, and 18-and-under divisions at the novice, intermediate and advanced levels.  We are the ONLY provider of USTA Junior Team Tennis in the area!  No other junior leagues in the Jacksonville area offer USTA PATHWAY qualification or qualification to USTA team events at the regional, sectional and national levels.  We are excited to help grow the sport of tennis in and around the city of Jacksonville with the help of yourself and the USTA!

USTA junior teams can be run by a parent, tennis professional or a coach.  All you need to be able to create your own team is 3-6 players, and the ability to reserve 2 courts on Friday afternoons.  We will help you with the rest!!  Email us at ustajaxjtt@gmail.com and we will give you all the information you and your team need to get registered.

Why should junior tennis players participate in USTA Junior Team Tennis?

  1. Builds local youth tennis as a team sport.
  2. Allows kids a year-round way to compete in tennis as a team sport.
  3. USTA JTT offers a novice division in the 10s, 12s, 14s and 18s – novice will compete with the green dot ball.  Having novice divisions is a great opportunity for players with a relatively low amount of experience to play.
  4. Qualification for Sectional and National USTA Team Tennis events - Talk to your coaches about qualification for a USTA JTT Sectional or National event.  If you are a parent coach please email ustajaxjtt@gmail.com for more details.
  5. Qualification for USTA Level 7s – currently there aren’t enough level 8 & 9 tournaments nearby to qualify kids for Level 7 tournaments.

USTA Junior Team Tennis Skills Division Definitions.

New model for USTA Junior Team Tennis

The format that we have created is to increase accessibility to USTA JTT, make it very convenient, and make it an asset for your club, parents, and tennis programs with smaller court constraints.

  • Our goal is to create 4-6 team leagues all within a 20 minute or less drive of each other, and have several of those within the Jacksonville/St. Johns County area.  This is based on getting the right number of teams in a geographic area.
  • At the local level we offer two division format sizes: 4 singles/2 doubles and 2 singles/1 doubles.
  • By offering a smaller division format size smaller facilities are able to participate in team tennis, as you only need two courts to host a match.
  • We will provide a captains/pros meeting prior to the start of each season.  At the meeting a representative from USTA Florida and USTA JTT Jacksonville will provide an overview of team registration and educate the team captains on their role, score inputting, etc.
  • Matches will be Friday afternoons.

Current and Upcoming USTA Junior Team Tennis Programming

Fall League

Fall 2018 season matches will begin in September.  To be included in registration details please contact us at ustajaxjtt@gmail.com.


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